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How Can We Help You
  • The Gemstone Foundation offers ConvergEyes©, a program that improves tracking and convergence—two of the visual skills that are important for comfortable, efficient reading and optimal sports performance. When you purchase ConvergEyes© from us, part of your payment will support more research and more projects in schools.

  • Our business model is built on the principle of social enterprise: we sell ConvergEyes© in order to support the dual social goals of (1) helping students succeed and (2) providing more research on how visual system function relates to human performance.

  • It is hard to estimate the loss in productivity by workers due to eye fatigue. But people who spend most of the working day in front of a computer monitor are constantly challenging their eye-brain mechanisms. Because those mechanisms are fundamentally neuro-muscular in origin, they can be “trained” to perform more efficiently.

  • Gemstone’s programs are on the Internet-- people can do them at home, at the office, or anywhere the Internet is available.

  • In 30 sessions of 15 minutes each, the eyes will feel more comfortable, and the increased efficiency in visual skills leads to enhanced work productivity – and less frustration.

  • Contact Gemstone today to see how we can help your organization improve worker comfort and productivity.